Two Cycle Oil

Why do the lubricating properties of your oil matter when your outboard is a two cycle carbureted engine? Because, unlike fuel-injected 2 cycle and 4 cycle engines that incorporate mechanisms (pumps) that ensure the engine is lubricated, fuel is relied upon to do the job in a carbureted two cycle. Oil performance is a priority then, especially when EPA requirements for reduced emissions are taken into account. XD-30 and XD-50 are formulated to meet these requirements and even go beyond TC-W3 standards to provide improved lubrication and detergency. In two cycle direct fuel injected outboards, your choice of oil is even more critical. Two cycle D.I. engines require precise lubrication with minimal build up because the oil is delivered only to areas demanding it. Use of inferior or cheap oil can lead to sludge and carbon build up in critical areas, which may damage your engine or speed wear and tear.

XD 50 Oil

XD 50 Oil

What does the Evinrude Synthetic Blend XD-50 Oil provide beyond the basic minimum requirements? For one, it’s proven to stave off wear and tear. It’s also a star performer with high loads. In terms of carbon suspension, XD-50 has CarbX on its side, designed to keep carbon away from vital engine components. Smoke reduction is yet another benefit that makes this two cycle oil the right choice for your outboard.

XD 30 Oil

Created to protect Evinrude two cycle outboards, XD 30 oil from Evinrude Johnson is an enhanced blend, formulated to give your engine the optimal lubrication while it keeps things sediment free with a targeted detergency. This one is great for light loads, and it’s appropriate for both pre-mix and oil injection models.

TC-W3 Compliant…Plus

See your Evinrude Johnson options here for two cycle oils that must meet TC-W3 requirements. Whether your craft’s outboard is carbureted or operates with direct fuel injection, these OEM oils will do much more than meet the minimum. See the specifications here on XD 30 and XD 50 oil, including order options for quantity, shipping, and more. And please don’t hesitate to let us know if you need some assistance. Remember that although some oils say “TC-W3 compliant,” they may not be designed for outboards. Why use oils made for other things when you can have OEM oil made not only to the TC-W3 specifications but also made for your application specifically!


We like being a representative of Evinrude Johnson products because it’s a good fit. A manufacturer can make something to meet standards or they can instead create a product that meets and then flies right past those standards, and that’s what you’ll see again and again as you browse Suncoast Marine Oil & Lubes: initiative taken to surpass expectations. Everywhere you look on this site, from products and services to approachability and customization, we hope you’ll notice the common thread of commitment to excellence.

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