E-TEC vs.4 Stroke Oil

In 2004, the Environmental Protection Agency recognized Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc. (BPR, parent company to Evinrude Johnson) for the Evinrude E-TEC. Created for recreational applications, this outboard was found superior in many ways to the 4 stroke. Oil changes, for example, aren’t required with the E-TEC, nor are adjustments needed for belts, valves or throttle linkages. The E-TEC produced 30-50% lower carbon monoxide emissions than the 2004 four-cycle outboard, and emitted 30-40% less particulate matter, by weight, than a comparable 4 stroke outboard. Still, the 4 stroke has its place and its fans.

Either way, 2 or 4 stroke, you’ll need the right products to keep things running well, and we have what you need. Everything from the marine gear oil suited to severe conditions to the XD-100 oil that helps you make the most of your E-TEC outboard: it’s here and ready to ship to you.

Evinrude Oil, Manageable Maintenance

Evinrude Oil

Advances are continually being implemented to make the watercraft we count on for business or pleasure easier to operate, easier to maintain, and easier on the environment. Meanwhile, boaters here and abroad continue to take care of their boats and the outboards that power them, whether 2 or 4 stroke. Oil is the main offering here, but our customers are the reason for this online store.

We offer a discount on quality, representing a range of manufacturers but also with our focus on a full line of Evinrude. Oil, lubricants, cleaners and more, ready to ship to your doorstep. Let us help make your outboard maintenance more manageable: order today.

Marine Gear Oil, More

Besides the popular brand that meets and beats industry standards, Evinrude oil, you’ll find other quality oil and lube products, from marine gear oil to gearcase lubricants. Browse our inventory and feel free to bookmark this site so you can check back frequently for inventory updates.

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