XD-100 2 Cycle Oil

XD 100 Oil

If you’re trying to take good care of your E-TEC, direct fuel injected, oil injected outboard engine, if longevity is a priority, consider XD-100 if you haven’t already. Friction and wear are non-issues with this synthetic formulation of outboard oil, as are combustion deposits, smoke, ash and odor. If you’re already sold on XD-100 2 cycle oil, welcome! We’re glad you found us. Please look around, take advantage of our Web Discount Prices, and don’t hesitate to start an account to speed up shopping.

XD 100 Oil, Dealer Programming

Are you currently using a generic or basic TC-W3 oil in your outboard engine? Consider upgrading to XD-100 2 cycle oil. Not only do you get optimum lubricity and detergency with XD 100 oil, you get safety! Use of XD-100 will ensure that your engine can safely run without oil (as detailed in your owner’s manual) for up to 5 hours. No other outboard oil can boast this level of protection. Remember that a dealer must reprogram your engine if you are changing oil types in your E-TEC. By making this switch you can cut your oil consumption by as much as one half.

E-TEC Benefits

If you have an Evinrude E-TEC outboard, you can get the most from XD 100. Compared to the basic 2 cycle carbureted engine or direct injection engines, the E-TEC lets you use up to 50% less oil (when you take advantage of dealer reprogramming.)

Outboard Oil Sales

If you live close enough to take advantage of our in-store refills, please stop by our store in Largo, Florida. We’ll refill you’re empty Evinrude Johnson oil containers with XD 30, XD 50 or XD 100 oil and you’ll save about five dollars per gallon. Need a shipment? We can ship the outboard oil you need anywhere in the U.S. or internationally. Contact us by phone or email to arrange for a shipment if you are placing an international order. Finally, we sell drums of oil too. If you need a shipment of one or more oil drums, please contact us as directed on the Shipping Policy page, and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

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